Foam Systems Mobilcart

The Foam Systems Mobilcart is designed to provide mobile firefighting foam capability for various hazardous areas where flammable liquids are present. Common applications include tank farms and refineries, loading areas, chemical processing plants, diked areas, warehouse facilities, paint storage areas, and other manufacturing areas where flammable liquids are a hazard.

A broad range of foam concentrates can be used for Class B applications including ANSULITE AFFF, Alcohol Resistant AFFF, JET-X high-expansion type, and protein based foam concentrates. For Class A fire hazards with wood, paper, coal, and rubber, SILV-EX concentrate proportioned at 1% is recommended.

The Mobilcart is a highly maneuverable wheeled cart consisting of a polyethylene tank with two built-in hose storage locations, an eductor with metering valve, and two lengths of fire hose with a choice of foam nozzles.



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Additional Product Information

36-Gallon Foam Cart

The ANSUL Mobile firefighting foam-attack cart is a self-contained fast-response cart ideal for small fires and chemical spills. It comes with a 36-gallon foam concentrate tank, a choice of three different types of nozzles at flows of 60 or 120 gpm (227 or 454 Lpm), a matching eductor, and two 50 ft (15.2 m) lengths of 1 3/4 in. double-jacketed and lined fire hose with NHT fittings.

Simply connect to a water supply, turn on the water, set the eductor metering valve to the desired proportioning ratio, and direct the nozzle foam stream.  The cart can be easily transported and operated by one person.
The Mobilcart will supply foam under a wide range of water pressures. Nozzle range is dependent upon the available flowing water pressure and the type of nozzle selected. Nozzle choices include:

  • Cart with 60 gpm (227 Lpm) Low Expansion KR-S2 Foam Nozzle
  • Cart with 60 gpm (227 Lpm) Medium Expansion KR-M2 Foam Nozzle
  • Cart with 60 gpm (227 Lpm) Waterfog Nozzle
  • Cart with 120 gpm (454 Lpm) Low Expansion KR-S4 Foam Nozzle
  • Cart with 120 gpm (454 Lpm) Medium Expansion KR-M4 Foam Nozzle
  • Cart with 120 gpm (454 Lpm) Waterfog Nozzle

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