Twin-Agent Units

Extremely hazardous fires require top-level skills and innovative agents. Twin-Agent Fire Suppression Systems provide proven technology to fight large flammable liquid and gas fires. Twin-agent technology combines the fast flame knockdown of a dry chemical with the fire securing capabilities of aqueous film-forming foam. The twin-agent attack provides the most effective extinguishing and securing capability known for many flammable liquid fires. Industries that benefit most from the system include petroleum and petrochemical, marine, natural gas, and aviation.

The Twin-Agent System combines two proven, powerful agents: Purple-K dry chemical agent and ANSULITE AFFF. A potassium bicarbonate-based dry chemical, Purple-K provides rapid knockdown and suppression of flammable liquid fires. ANSULITE AFFF is synthetic, aqueous film-forming foam that blankets the fuel with a thin film, preventing the escape of flammable vapors and cooling the site.

The system is designed to be actuated and operated by one person. If the system has more than one hose reel, additional personnel can be added to fight the fire. It is available in skid, trailer and vehicle mounted variations. Pre-engineering allows customers to build the exact capacity system to protect the hazard area.



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Agent options:

The Twin-Agent System combines ANSULITE AFFF (aqueous film-forming foam) with one of two dry chemical options:

Purple-K—A potassium bicarbonate-based dry chemical that is the most effective ANSUL dry chemical agent for Class B and C fires.

PLUS-FIFTY C—A sodium bicarbonate-based dry chemical for use on Class B and C fires.

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