ANSUL 2022 Training Schedule

ANSUL® 2022 Training Schedule

ANSUL® Fire School

Class Format - Live In-Person - Marinette, WI

May 10-12 (Tues. - Thurs.)

May 24-26 (Tues. - Thurs.)

June 7-9 (Tues. - Thurs.)

June 14-16* (Tues. - Thurs.)

June 28-30 (Tues. - Thurs.)

July 19-21 (Tues. - Thurs.)

August 9-11 (Tues. - Thurs.)

August 16-18* (Tues. - Thurs.)

August 30 - September 1 (Tues. - Thurs.)

September 13-15 (Tues. - Thurs.)

September 27-29* (Tues. - Thurs.)

October 11-13 (Tues. - Thurs.)

*Additional Service and Maintenance Class Offering

**NEW** Foam Inspection Testing and Maintenance

Class Format - Live In Person

March 7-8 (Mon.-Tues.) Marinette, WI

March 9-10 (Wed.-Thurs.) Marinette, WI

April 4-5 (Mon.-Tues.) Marinette, WI

April 6-7 (Wed.-Thurs.) Marinette, WI

April 18-19 (Mon.-Tues.) Marinette, WI

April 20-21 (Wed.-Thurs.) Marinette, WI

May 23-24 (Mon.-Tues.) Marinette, WI

May 25-26 (Wed.-Thurs.) Marinette, WI

June 20-21 (Mon.-Tues.) Marinette, WI

June 22-23 (Wed. - Thurs.) Marinette, WI

Extinguisher Service and Maintenance

Class Format - Virtual except where noted

January 31 (Monday)

March 10 (Thursday)

March 31 (Thursday)

April 14 (Thursday)

May 30 (Monday) - Spanish

June 17 (Friday) - Live - Marinette, WI

Foam System Design and Application

Class Format - Virtual

January 11-13 (Tues. - Thurs.)

March 22-24 (Tues. - Thurs.)

May 10-12 (Tues. - Thurs.)

June 28-30 (Tues. - Thurs.)

Pre-Engineered Systems

ANSUL® R-102

Class Format - Virtual

January 11 (Tuesday)

January 25 (Tuesday)

February 8 (Tuesday)

February 22 (Tuesday)

March 3 (Thursday) - Spanish

March 8 (Tuesday)

March 22 (Tuesday)

March 29 (Tuesday)

April 19 (Tuesday)

June 2 (Thursday)

June 8 (Wednesday) - Spanish


Class Format - Virtual

January 27 (Thursday)

February 10 (Thursday)

February 24 (Thursday)

March 9 (Wednesday)

April 20 (Wednesday)

ANSUL® RED (Restaurant Electric Detection)

Class Format - Virtual

January 26 (Wednesday)

February 23 (Wednesday)

March 23 (Wednesday)

April 27 (Wednesday)

May 25 (Wednesday)

June 29 (Wednesday)

ANSUL® A-101/CHECKFIRE 110/210

Class Format - Virtual

January 10-12 (Mon.-Wed.) - New Certifications

January 24-26 (Mon.-Wed.) - Recertification

February 14-16 (Mon.-Wed.) - New Certifications

March 14-16 (Mon.-Wed.) - Recertifications

April 18-20 (Mon.-Wed.) - New Certifications

May 9-11 (Mon.-Wed.) - New Certifications - Spanish

May 16-18 (Mon.-Wed.) - Recertification

June 20-22 (Mon.-Wed.) - New Certifications

Engineered Systems


Class Format - Virtual

February 8-10 (Tues.-Thurs.)

April 19-21 (Tues.-Thurs.)

April 26-28 (Tues.-Thurs.) - Spanish

INERGEN® 150/200 Bar

Class Format - Virtual

February 1-3 (Tues.-Thurs.)

March 1-3 (Tues.-Thurs.)

April 5-7 (Tues.-Thurs.)

June 21-23 (Tues.-Thurs.)


Class Format - Virtual

February 8-10 (Tues.-Thurs.)

March 1-3 (Tues.-Thurs.)

April 5-7 (Tues.-Thurs.)

April 11-13 (Mon.-Wed.) - Spanish


Class Format - Virtual

January 25-28 (Tues.-Fri.) - HP/LP CO2

February 22-24 (Tues.-Thurs.) - HP CO2

March 22-25 (Tues.-Fri.) - HP/LP CO2

April 26-28 (Tues.-Thurs.) - HP CO2

June 28-30 (Tues.-Thurs.) - HP CO2 - Spanish


Class Format - Virtual

February 22-24 (Tues.-Thurs.)

March 29-31 (Tues.-Thurs.)

March 29-31 (Tues.-Thurs.) - Spanish

April 26-28 (Tues.-Thurs.)

ANSUL® AUTOPULSE Conventional and Addressable Panels

Class Format - Live In-Person - Marinette, WI

April 12-13 (Tues.-Wed.) - Conventional Panels

April 14-15 (Thurs.-Fri.) - Addressable Panels

ANSUL® Lithium-Ion Risk Prevention System

Class Format - Virtual


ANSUL® Connected Fire Container Monitoring

Class Format - Virtual


All classes offered virtually via MS TEAMS unless noted otherwise. Instructions will be enclosed in your Confirmation Letter.

All courses are offered 8 am – 5 pm Central Time Zone unless noted otherwise.

Enrollment Instructions

Authorized Distributors

To enroll in a training program you must have the product line on your Distributor Agreement. If you do not have the product line on your agreement and wish to enroll in a training program; please contact your local Territory Sales Manager well in advance of the training date. You must register 3 weeks in advance. This allows us time to process registration; and for you to print course materials and complete any pre-work if required.

Step 1 – Go to

Step 2 – Sign in with your account credentials or create an account only if you don’t already have one.

Step 3 – Register at the course level and choose a date.

Step 4 – Immediately look for a "Registration Email" in the email you provided.

Step 5 – One week before class begins you will receive a "Confirmation Email" which will include:

  • Online classroom access link
  • Downloads - You will need to print all your material before class begins and prep them how you choose to use them on the job; (ie. 3-hole punched and put in a binder or a folder, etc...).
  • Complete and pre-work required before class
  • Double check time of your class based on your time zone.

Step 6 – On the day of class, 30 minutes before class begins; follow the instructions given in the email from the Training Coordinators to

log-in and participate.

JCI Employees

Do not visit the online TechXchange. Sign up by accessing the JCI Learning Network (SumTotal LMS).

SumTotal Link: Access the Learning Network

In the search box at the top of the page; search for the course you would like to take.

Our Cancellation or No-Show Policy

As a reminder, confirmed registrations cancelled within 10 days of a program will be subject to a $100 service charge. If you do not cancel within 10 days and fail to show up to the training, you will be charged the entire training tuition. 

We understand that there may be occasional tardiness to class. Cut off time is 30 minutes into the class. (ie. Class begins at 8:00 am—cut off time is 8:30 am). 

Please keep in mind that you are required to complete the entire course of instruction to qualify for a Training Certificate. We track attendance and participation! Exceptions will not be made to this requirement. 

As a reminder, Johnson Controls reserves the right to cancel a training program at any time.

Should you have any further questions, please contact Training Services at +1 715-735-7415 Option 6 or by email