F-CLASS (European) Liquid Agent Fire Extinguisher

Newer, more efficient cooking appliances, plus the use of non-saturated cooking oils, require a fire extinguishing agent which will not only smother a fire but provide a cooling effect.

The F-Class fire extinguishers meet the requirements of EN3 and PED for use on fires involving combustible vegetable or animal fats in commercial cooking equipment. The low pH fire extinguishing agent used in the extinguisher is a specially-formulated aqueous solution. It has been developed to provide rapid flame extinguishment and securement of hot fuels such as cooking shortenings.

Applications include kitchen cooking equipment typically found in restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools, airports and other facilities. Appliances that benefit from F-Class protection include fryers; griddles; range tops; upright, natural charcoal, or chain-type broilers; electric, lava rock, mesquite or gas-radiant char-broilers; and woks.

The extinguisher is available with operating labels and supporting data sheets in various languages including Czech, English, French, German and Spanish.



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ANSUL What You Should Know About The New EN 16282-7 Standard For Kitchen Fire Protection Brochure/Flyer English F-2018008.pdf View
ANSUL F-Class European Kitchen Portable Extinguisher Product Overview Brochure/Flyer English F-2013154.pdf View
ANSUL F-Class European Kitchen Portable Extinguisher Product Overview (A4 Format) Brochure/Flyer English F-2013154_A4.pdf View
ANSUL Fire Protection for Restaurants and Hospitality Total Solutions Flyer Brochure/Flyer English F-2013151.pdf View
ANSUL Fire Protection for Restaurants and Hospitality Total Solutions Flyer (English A4 Format) Brochure/Flyer English F-2013151_A4.pdf View
ANSUL Proteção Contra Incêndio Para Restaurantes e Hospitalidades Soluções Totais Brochure/Flyer Brazilian Portuguese F-2013151_BPT.pdf View
ANSUL Protección Contra Incendios Para Restaurantes Y Recepciones Soluciones Totales Brochure/Flyer Latin American Spanish F-2013151_LAS.pdf View
ANSUL Противопожарная защита для ресторанногостиничной сферы Комплексные Решения Brochure/Flyer Russian F-2013151_RU.pdf View
ANSUL F-Class Model M6L Portable Fire Extinguisher Data/Specifications Data/Specification Sheet English F-2008103.pdf View
ANSUL Trídy F, Model M6L, Prenosný Hasicí Prístroj Data/Specifikace (A4) Data/Specification Sheet Czech F-2008103_CS.pdf View
Extincteur Portatif ANSUL Modèle M6L De Classe F Données/Spécifications (A4) Data/Specification Sheet French F-2008103_FR.pdf View
ANSUL F-klasse Modell M6L Handfeuerlöscher Daten/Spezifikationen (A4) Data/Specification Sheet German F-2008103_DE.pdf View
Extintor Portátil De Incendio Para Clase F Modelo M6L De ANSUL Datos técnicos / Especificación (A4) Data/Specification Sheet Spanish F-2008103_ES.pdf View
ANSUL Technical Bulletin No. 58 - Replacement Components and Service (Rev. 01) Technical Bulletins English F-8922.pdf View


​Additional product features:

  • Meets the requirements of EN3 and PED
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Rechargeable
  • Easy-to-read pressure gauge
  • Extended discharge range up to 5 m (16 ft.)
  • Swirl effect multi-purpose nozzle
  • Steel cylinder finished in red, high-quality, polyester powder coating
  • Corrosion resistant internal protective coating
  • Suitable for use on live electrical equipment up to 1000VAC


  • Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) – CE marked product
  • European standard for portable extinguisher – EN3

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