High Expansion Generators

JET-X High-Expansion Foam Generators deliver large quantities of expanded foam by blowing air through a screen coated with a high-expansion foam solution. Because of its high expansion ratio (up to 1000:1), little water is required to generate large quantities of foam. This dramatically cuts the cost of these systems and has the additional benefit of reducing the system footprint.

The high and medium expansion foam systems offer a fire extinguishing procedure that overwhelms the fire with the sheer volume of foam. The foam blanket that is produced transports water to the fire, suffocates and cools the fire, suppresses escaping vapors and encapsulates the toxic vapors and particulate.

The unique capability of these systems involves totally flooding a space from floor to ceiling, as well as securing three-dimensional fires that could occur from such sources as flammable liquids storage.

Applications suited for high-expansion foam include aircraft hangars, hazardous waste storage, paper product warehouse, tire warehouse, flammable liquid storage, mining, ship holds and engine rooms, power stations, gas turbine generators, cable tunnels, engine test cells, transformer rooms, basements, cellars and enclosed spaces, and communications switching stations.

The generators are of steel construction with a water-powered motor and stainless steel foam screen. Stainless steel models are available. No electrical power is required.



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Additional Product Information

The generators come in various sizes for fixed-system applications. Model options include the JET-X-2A, JET-X-5A, JET-X-15A (UL), JET-X-15A (LNG), JET-X-15A (FM), JET-X-20, and JET-X-27.

Extinguishment mechanisms of JET-X High-Expansion Foam Systems involve a combination of the following:

  • Free air movement necessary for continued combustion is reduced
  • Water content of the foam being converted to steam dilutes the oxygen concentration to a level below that necessary to support combustion
  • Cooling to a temperature below the combustion point or auto-ignition temperature of Class A or Class B fuels occurs as water is converted to steam
  • Reduced surface tension of the foam solution draining from the expanded foam penetrates into Class A materials extinguishing deep seated fires
  • Insulating and heat reflective properties of the foam blanket provide a heat shield preventing fire spread

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