In-Line Balanced Pressure Proportioners

Proportioning Equipment introduces a foam concentrate into a flowing stream of water to produce a foam solution. There are many methods of proportioning, but fixed foam systems typically use balanced pressure proportioning equipment such as the In-Line Balanced Pressure Proportioner. This proportioner is similar to a pump skid except it is a separate assembly that offers the advantage of proportioning the foam concentrate at a location remote from the tank and pump.

In-line balanced pressure proportioners are used with an atmospheric foam concentrate tank and a positive displacement foam concentrate pump. They are designed to accurately control the flow of a foam liquid concentrate into a water stream over a wide range of flow rates and pressures. These devices can be used with all types of ANSUL foam concentrates.

Multiple in-line balanced pressure proportioners can be supplied from a single foam pump to protect several hazard areas. By adding an automated valve to each proportioner, either foam discharge or water-only discharge can be selected.

The units are available in six standard sizes to supply proportioners ranging from 2 to 8 inches with flow rates from 30 to 5,500 gpm (114 to 2,082 Lpm).



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Additional Product Information

Balance pressure pump proportioning systems use atmospheric foam concentrate storage tanks.  The tank is not pressure-rated and may be constructed of mild steel, fiberglass-reinforced plastic, or polyethylene plastic. Instead of using pressurized water as with bladder tanks, the foam liquid is pumped to the proportioner.

Atmospheric Poly Foam Storage Tank

An Atmospheric Foam Concentrate Storage Tank is one component of a foam proportioning system. The high density cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) storage tanks are compatible with all ANSUL foam concentrates, both synthetic and protein.

Because of the properties of XLPE relating to stress crack resistance, impact strength, light weight and overall toughness, poly tanks are an excellent choice for many foam system applications. An atmospheric concentrate tank is typically used in conjunction with a balanced pressure pump proportioning skid unit or in-line balanced pressure proportioning system. Additionally, similar tanks could be used with a line proportioning system.

The atmospheric poly foam concentrate tanks are supplied with fittings. There are two (2) return fittings provided on all tanks located 180 degrees apart to enable ease and flexibility for piping on site. Either connection can be used as the foam concentrate return with the other return connection having the provided pipe plug installed. The poly tanks are translucent and have a level gauge strip for approximating tank contents.

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