SPILL-GUN Applicators

Chemical spills can quickly become hazardous waste situations. ANSUL’s SPILL-X products treat spills and can be applied by means of various application options, including the rugged and easy-to-use SPILL-GUN Applicators. These versatile applicators can be recharged in the field. They apply a SPILL-X free-flowing, dry chemical agent from a distance of 10 to 12 ft (3.0 to 3.7 m) and can treat up to a 3 gal (11.4 L) spill, or 100 ft2 (9.3 m2).  Their application is for use when spills flow underneath equipment and other hard to reach places.

The SC-30 SPILL-GUN applicator can be used with the following agents:

SPILL-X-A—For mineral and organic acids

SPILL-X-C—Ffor caustic and organic bases

SPILL-X-S— For common hydrocarbon solvents and fuels

The spill control applicator consists of a spill control agent container, an expellant gas cartridge, a discharge hose, and a shut-off nozzle. Suitable integral equipment permits fluidization of the spill control agent, pressurization of the container, and discharge of the spill control agent from the applicator while being operated from its normal upright position.  All spill control applicators are manufactured with corrosion-resistant surfaces.



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