Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler Heads are available in both aspirating and non-aspirating versions. Aspirated sprinkler heads are required for protein and fluoroprotein foams in deluge systems. Non-aspirated heads with AFFF agents are more economical and can be used in either open deluge or closed-head sprinkler systems.

Sprinkler head types available include the B-1 Foam-Water and TF Foam Discharge.



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Additional Product Information

Upright and Pendant

B-1 Foam-Water Sprinkler Head

Foam/water sprinkler heads are open type and generate air-aspirated foam by drawing air into the foam solution stream. The sprinkler head is available for either upright or pendent mounting and may be used with either foam or water. Patterns of coverage are similar to conventional sprinkler heads; however, only a 3/8 in. orifice is available corresponding to a K-Factor of 3.0.

The sprinkler head is UL Listed and recognized for use in ANSUL’s USCG approved systems.

TF Foam Discharge Head

Directional foam spray nozzles differ from foam/water sprinkler heads in relation to the discharge patterns. They deliver a special directional pattern specific to the design of the nozzle. These air-aspirated directional spray heads can be mounted in any position between horizontal to vertical. Five sizes are available with flows ranging from 8 gpm up to 90 gpm (30 Lpm to 340 Lpm) at inlet pressures from 25 – 150 psi (1.7-10 bar).

Depending on the hazard, various low expansion foam agents, such as protein, fluoroprotein, AFFF, Alcohol Resistant AFFF and Class A foam concentrates can be used with the TF discharge head. This type of nozzle is frequently used in truck loading rack systems to provide additional foam to the truck undercarriage. Other applications include dike protection and pump pit areas.



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