Around-The-Pump Proportioning Systems

Around-The-Pump Proportioning Systems provide a simple and effective means to introduce a foam concentrate at the desired percentage to the water being discharged in a fire pump system. The number of different foam concentrates is only limited by available space as each concentrate requires a separate tank.

The types of foam concentrates typically include ANSULITE AFFF of either 1%, 3%, or 6%; ANSULITE AR-AFFF of either 3X3 LV or ARC types; or SILV-EX Class A foam concentrate. A fire truck pumper system may have a dual proportioning system with one tank having a Class B foam concentrate for flammable liquid fires and a second tank having Class A foam concentrate for structural fire attack or other ordinary combustible fire materials.

Other applications for an around-the-pump proportioning system include various shipboard applications where the addition of foam to water is desired to enhance firefighting operations. Only a fire pump with the inlet pressure to the pump not exceeding 10 psi is required for proper operation. The sole limitations are that the flow rate is within the around-the-pump proportioning system range with the type of foam concentrate selected.

Available Models:

Model Dual B-2 Pkg. 20-400 gpm (76-1515 Lpm), ATP, Class A and B

Model B-2 Pkg. 20-400 gpm (76-1515 Lpm), ATP, Class B

Model W-2 Pkg. 20-400 gpm (76-1515 Lpm), ATP, Class A

Model 1200 Pkg. 60-1200 gpm (227-4543 Lpm), ATP, Class B

Model 1600 Pkg. 150-1600 gpm (568-6057 Lpm), ATP, Class B Eductor

Packages include supply, check, and by-pass valves; eductor, foam metering valve, and instruction plate.



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