High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Systems

Carbon dioxide suppresses fire without leaving behind any residues after discharge thus avoiding damage to sensitive equipment. With no agent clean up, there is less downtime after an incident. When properly designed, the carbon dioxide system will suppress fire in Class A, B, and C hazards by displacing the air containing oxygen that supports combustion. Typical hazards protected by carbon dioxide systems include printing presses, vaults, open pits, dip tanks, spray booths, ovens, engine rooms, coating machines, process equipment, hoods and ducts, flammable gas or liquid storage areas, and generators.

The High Pressure Carbon Dioxide System is especially effective for non-occupied hazards. Personnel occupying areas protected by carbon dioxide systems must be evacuated prior to system discharge. Therefore, discharge time delays and alarms are mandatory for occupied hazards. Whatever the application, from cylinder to nozzle, each system can be custom-designed for specific fire hazards. High pressure systems use individual storage cylinders—from 35 lb. (16 kg) to 120 lb. (54 kg) capacity each—that can be manifolded together for rapid simultaneous discharge. Cylinder valves can be opened automatically or manually and either locally or remotely using electric, pneumatic or mechanical valve actuators.

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ANSUL Marine 100 lb. (45.4 kg) Carbon Dioxide Stationary Fire Extinguisher Data/Specifications Sheet (Rev. 01) Data/Specification Sheet English F-2005057.pdf View


Additional system features:

  • No residue
  • Non-corrosive and non-conductive
  • Suitable for Class A, B, and C hazards
  • Fixed nozzle and/or hose reel agent distribution
  • UL, ULC, and FM approved
  • In accordance with NFPA-12 – Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing Systems Application
  • Remote manual pull stations
  • Corner pulleys
  • Door closures
  • Pressure trips
  • Bells and sirens
  • Transfer switches
  • Time delays
  • Pneumatic switches
  • Weighing devices


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