K-GUARD Fire Extinguisher

We are pleased to announce that the ANSUL K-GUARD Fire Extinguisher is now 2-A: K rated.  Choose ANSUL K-GUARD as your preferred restaurant fire extinguisher and meet NFPA 10 solid fuel cooking requirements for a firebox size of 5 ft3 or less.  This upgraded 2-A rating also means compliance with NFPA 10 fire extinguisher size and placement for Class A Hazards which means you can protect the kitchen area without additional extinguishers needed.

F-CLASS (European) Liquid Agent Fire Extinguisher

​Rated for Class K fires, the F-CLASS Model M6L Fire Extinguisher meets the requirement of EN3 and PED for use on fires involving combustible vegetable oil or animal fats in commercial cooking equipment. Applications include kitchen cooking equipment typically found in restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools, airports and other facilities.

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