Introducing ANSUL Restaurant Electric Detection (RED) Technology: Smart enough to cover all your cooking stations, but simple enough to make it easy to manage. Hands-on firefighting training for high-risk industrial applications. Authorized ANSUL Distributors offer the highest caliber of quality products, service and support worldwide. ANSUL® Non-Fluorinated 3x3 UL201 foam concentrate sets the new standard for Class B firefighting. The ANSUL® Lithium-Ion Risk Prevention System offers advanced early failure monitoring of Lithium-Ion batteries by detecting off-gases.
  • LVS NF-40 Non-Fluorinated Agent

    LVS NF-40 Non-Fluorinated Agent

    Maximum performance. Simplified maintenance. Uncompromising protection. LVS NF-40 Non-Fluorinated Liquid Suppression Agent redefines vehicle fire suppression.

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  • Non-Fluorinated Class B Foam

    Non-Fluorinated Class B Foam

    Non-Fluorinated Foam (NFF) Concentrates produce a firefighting foam that is effective on Class B hydrocarbon fuels.

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  • COVID-19 Information

    COVID-19 Information

    Johnson Controls Delivers Mission Critical 'Essential Products, Services and Personnel' During Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic.

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  • New SAPPHIRE® PLUS 70-Bar System

    New SAPPHIRE® PLUS 70-Bar System

    Adding next generation options and benefits to proven clean-agent system technology.

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  • Kitchen Design is an Art

    Kitchen Design is an Art

    We’ve got Fire Suppression down to a science. ANSUL, the First Choice in restaurant fire suppression solutions.

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  • EN Standard for Kitchen Protection

    EN Standard for Kitchen Protection

    The new technical standard helps harmonize legislation across the industry by creating consistent hazard classifications, performance testing and service and maintenance guidelines.

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  • Get the Facts About Fire Extinguishers

    Get the Facts About Fire Extinguishers

    Fighting fires with anything less than the best puts your personnel and operations at risk. ANSUL® RED LINE cartridge-operated fire extinguishers provide the high flow rate needed in high fire risk industries.

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  • AOM-HD Monitor Assemblies

    AOM-HD Monitor Assemblies

    New Heavy-Duty, Water-Powered, Oscillating Monitor Assemblies provide exceptional durability for extended, continuous, or repetitive use in industrial system applications.

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  • Fire School

    Fire School

    Located on a 350-acre campus in Marinette, WI USA, the basic 3-day program mixes classroom and field instruction with live hands-on firefighting.

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  • Foam Training

    Foam Training

    The Foam Design & Specification program looks at design, equipment selection, foam agent application, and installation of fixed foam systems for a variety of hazards.

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