For 100 years, we have helped businesses like yours protect their people and property with the ANSUL brand of top-performing products. We are committed to meeting your fire protection needs while demonstrating responsibility through product innovation and environmental stewardship. The ANSUL Fire School provides our valued customers with opportunities for hands-on training with dedicated professionals utilizing modern industry equipment. We are driven to create solutions that meet every fire protection challenge, safeguarding lives and property as it safeguards your business.
  • New SAPPHIRE® PLUS 70-Bar System

    New SAPPHIRE® PLUS 70-Bar System

    Adding next generation options and benefits to proven clean-agent system technology.

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  • Get the Facts About Fire Extinguishers

    Get the Facts About Fire Extinguishers

    Fighting fires with anything less than the best puts your personnel and operations at risk. ANSUL® RED LINE cartridge-operated fire extinguishers provide the high flow rate needed in high fire risk industries.

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  • EN Standard for Kitchen Protection

    EN Standard for Kitchen Protection

    The new technical standard helps harmonize legislation across the industry by creating consistent hazard classifications, performance testing and service and maintenance guidelines.

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  • New Bladder Tank Design

    New Bladder Tank Design

    New and improved design focuses on design flexibility, lead time reduction and field usability.

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  • New INERGEN iFLOW System

    New INERGEN iFLOW System

    Introducing INERGEN 300-Bar Clean-Agent Systems featuring iFLOW agent delivery technology.

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  • Download Free Mobile App

    Download Free Mobile App

    Download your free Mobile App to help you select the right RED LINE fire extinguisher for your application.

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  • Fire School

    Fire School

    Located on a 350-acre campus in Marinette, WI USA, the basic 3-day program mixes classroom and field instruction with live hands-on firefighting.

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  • Foam Training

    Foam Training

    The Foam Design & Specification program looks at design, equipment selection, foam agent application, and installation of fixed foam systems for a variety of hazards.

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  • Authorized Distributors

    Authorized Distributors

    ANSUL products are distributed through a worldwide network of fire protection professionals. Contact a trained and authorized ANSUL distributor in your area.

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  • Kitchen Design is an Art

    Kitchen Design is an Art

    We’ve got Fire Suppression down to a science. ANSUL, the First Choice in restaurant fire suppression solutions.

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