SPILL-X Treatment Kit

The SPILL-X Treatment Kit has been developed to economically treat small spills of many mineral and organic acids, caustics, formaldehyde, and organic solvents or fuels that may occur in laboratories or other work areas where chemicals are used.

The treatment kit provides easy access to the proper spill control agent for a particular chemical spill. Six easy to handle polypropylene containers allow for either a pouring-type application of agent or a shaker-type application, depending on the nature of the spilled chemical. Each container treats up to a 1/2 gal (1.9 L) spill, or approximately 15 to 20 ft2 (1.4 to 1.9 m2).

Each Spill-X kit contains six shakers of agent of your choice, directions on the panel, pH test strips, safety glasses, gloves, clean up dust pan, and disposal bag.

SPILL-X spill control agents are available either in a Multipurpose Spill Treatment Kit or an individual kit. The SPILL-X MULTIPURPOSE Treatment Kit contains six handy polypropylene containers with two containers of each type of SPILL-X A, C, and S  agent.  Treatment kits and refill kits are also available with one agent of your choice.  Spill-X-S and Spill-X-FP are also paired as another option.

  • SPILL-X-A Acid Neutralizer/Solidifier agent will neutralize and solidify most organic and inorganic acids, including hydrofluoric acid.
  • SPILL-X-C Caustic Neutralizer/Solidifier agent is a neutralizer and solidifier for caustics such as sodium hydroxide.
  • SPILL-X-S Solvent Absorbent agent is a solvent adsorbent for organic materials like benzene or xylene.
  • SPILL-X-FP Formaldehyde Polymerizer agent polymerizes and solidifies formaldehyde spills.



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