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Smart Fire Protection Solutions for Clean Manufacturing

Don't let a fire or hazardous spill disrupt your operations — keep a clean environment with ANSUL® integrated fire suppression technology and clean agent solutions.

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  • Primary Hazards
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ANSUL fire protection solutions designed for Clean Manufacturing units
Setting a New Standard in Clean Fire Protection
For specialty manufacturers where clean and sanitary operations are mission critical, ANSUL fire protection solutions can effectively suppress fires, without the residual damage typically caused by traditional chemical agents.
Avoid any fire related risks in Clean Manufacturing with ANSUL fire protection solutions
Primary Hazards
Control Rooms
Data Centers/Computer Operations
Electrical Areas
Flammable Liquid/Chemical Storage
Generator Rooms
Machinery and Mechanical Rooms
Warehouse Areas
A wide range of fire detection and gaseous fire suppression designed for Clean Manufacturing
ANSUL Products
Detection & Control Systems
Gaseous Fire Suppression
Portable Extinguishers
Spill Control Products

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