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Because safety is our top priority, we're trusted by hotels, venues, and event spaces to provide better fire protection and technology-forward solutions.

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Get best-in-class fire suppression technology from ANSUL
Protecting What Matters Most
Get best-in-class fire suppression technology to protect your guests, staff, and ongoing operations. Designed to tackle the toughest fires, our kitchen fire suppression solutions provide high-performing and highly portable equipment to protect people and hospitality spaces.
Portable fire suppression extinguishers from ANSUL
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ANSUL Products
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Case Studies

Commercial-Scale Catering Renovation in Europe’s Historic Luxembourg

A large, bustling European catering facility benefits from ANSUL fire suppression systems to protect staff and sophisticated grills and ovens from danger. The highly regarded solution is known for swift flame knockdown, dramatically lower chemical agent, and regulatory compliance.

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Case Studies

High Tech Fire Suppression Systems for Internationally Regarded Chef’s Academy

A prestigious Istanbul-based professional chef’s academy with ties to respected restaurants across Europe protects its chefs and staff from the risks of fire by implementing a comprehensive ANSUL fire suppression system.

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Case Studies

Elegant Fire Suppression Solution for Singapore Mega Resort

Lavish casino, world-class hotels and massively popular theme park—a mega resort in Singapore safeguards its numerous food and beverage outlets and premium appliances with a gentle yet technically sophisticated ANSUL fire suppression system.

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