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Smarter, Safer and More Resilient Fire Protection Solutions for Data Centers

When data and data centers are the lifeblood of your organization, quickly suppress fires with the full range of ANSUL® clean agent fire suppression systems.

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ANSUL offers auto-detection and clean agent fire suppression solutions designed for Data Centers
Stay a Step Ahead
Trust our automatic detection and clean agent fire suppression solutions to quickly suppress fires, without the residual damage left behind by traditional suppression agents.
Avoid any fire related risks in data centers with ANSUL auto-detection solutions
Primary Hazards
Electrical Equipment
Data Processing Equipment
A wide range of gaseous fire suppression and portable extinguishers to protect your Data Center
ANSUL Products
Gaseous Fire Suppression
Portable Extinguishers
Detection & Control Systems
Data Processing Network for Media Conglomerate

Major Media Company Data Processing Network

Protecting people and multimillion dollar network processors from fire danger in Southern California with an efficient and environmentally responsible ANSUL fire suppression system.

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