ANSUL Fire Suppression technologies
Protection Solutions for Special Hazards
ANSUL® Fire Suppression technologies help protect facilities with Special Hazards where water alone is not enough. Our broad portfolio includes liquid agents, dry chemicals, foam concentrates, and pressurized gases. ANSUL systems help safeguard operations around the globe, from restaurants to refineries, data centers to underground mines, and hospitals to aircraft hangars.  
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ANSUL products are designed and manufactured to strict standards
Tested and Perfected in the Field
As a global premium brand of Johnson Controls that has supplied the fire protection industry for over a century, ANSUL products are designed and manufactured to strict standards and tested under the scrutiny of national and international independent testing laboratories and approval agencies.
Ready for ANSUL Fire School?
In a fire emergency, every second counts. Knowing how to tackle a fire safely can save lives. The world-renowned ANSUL Fire School training program includes live, hands-on fire training and is the place for you to learn how to suppress a fire safely, whether you are a fire safety professional, a first responder, or an individual wanting to gain life-saving knowledge and experience.
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Contact authorized ANSUL distributors
Experience Distributor Excellence
From assessment to installation, get in touch with authorized ANSUL distributors to help you select the optimal fire protection technologies for your next project.
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ANSUL fire protection system for Resturant Industry
Get to Know Our Restaurant Systems
Protecting restaurants and commercial kitchens with a full suite of solutions engineered specifically for kitchen hazards. 
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ANSUL LVS Vehicle Fire Suppression System
Get To Know Our Vehicle Systems
Keep your mobile industrial equipment moving with our ANSUL LVS Vehicle Fire Suppression System.
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Non-Fluorinated Foam (NFF) systems
Get To Know Our Foam Systems
Our high-performance Non-Fluorinated Foam (NFF) systems protect facilities with a wide array of special hazards.
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ANSUL Fire Technology Center of Excellence supports
We’re Dedicated To Our Extensive R&D
As one of the most extensive fire research and testing facilities in the world, ANSUL Fire Technology Center of Excellence supports broad-based research and test facilities with scientists and engineers dedicated to solving the fire protection and safety needs of the future.
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R-102 Achieves
EN 17446 Certification
To receive the EN 17446 certification, R-102 underwent a unified, multiple-phase process in which its fire extinguishing technology was tested on an extensive range of grease-vapour-producing appliances.
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Case Studies 

Protecting the Abraham Lincoln Presidental Library & Museum

To protect the rare and irreplaceable collections in these areas against the risk of fire and to avoid damage from conventional fire suppression measures, the library chose the ANSUL INERGEN® Clean Agent fire suppression system.

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Case Studies

Safeguarding San Francisco International Airport

Built to last in the late 1960s, SFO’s massive SuperBay hangar can house four 747 aircraft at the same time but relied on outdated technology to keep people and planes safe. ANSUL fire suppression technology solutions combined efficiency and water economy with powerful performance to modernize.

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We work closely with the architects, engineers, contractors, distributors, and first responders to develop best-in-class training and support materials.

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