A-101/LVS Twin-Agent Fire Suppression System

The combined performance of the A-101/LVS Twin-Agent Fire Suppression System provides the ultimate protection. While the FORAY dry chemical knocks down flames, the LVS agent cools surrounding areas, minimizing the possibility of reflash.

The fire suppression system can be used as a protection of large, off-road type construction and mining equipment such as large excavators/shovels, draglines, haul trucks, and wheeled loaders. The system also protects underground mining equipment and specialty vehicles such as slag pot and/or slab carriers and tunnel boring machines, as well as waste management equipment and forestry vehicles.

FORAY multipurpose dry chemical agent may be used to combat fires in ordinary combustible materials such as wood, cloth, paper, rubber and many plastics (Class A), as well as fires in flammable liquids, gases and greases (Class B), and fires involving energized electrical equipment (Class C).

LVS agent is a wet chemical agent that is a unique blend of organic and inorganic salts, coupled with surface active ingredients. This blend provides a strong measure of freeze protection along with the foaming properties associated with conventional Class B liquid agents. The agent flows readily into areas where flammable liquids may settle. It provides both fire suppression and superior cooling of superheated surfaces while blanketing the fuel and cutting off oxygen to help prevent reflash.

The FM Approved twin-agent combination has been proven effective in applications where superheated equipment, like a turbocharger, is used.



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Additional features include:

  • FM and AS 5062 compliant
  • CE marked
  • Proven cartridge operation
  • Multiple configuration/design options
  • Effective on a range of fires
  • Manual or automatic detection/actuation


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