Connected Fire Container Monitoring

​The ANSUL® Fire Container Monitoring System provides a means of remotely measuring and reporting the pressure and temperature of gaseous fire suppression system containers.  An electronic gauge is installed on each container which measures pressure and temperature.  The pressure reading is corrected based on temperature and the data is communicated wirelessly to a common gateway which transmits the status information real-time to a secure cloud-based server.

The data can be accessed any time, day or night, via a mobile device app or through the on-line dashboard allowing for speedy intervention in the case of a low pressure container (that is not temperature related) before it compromises the fire suppression system. The electronic gauge is powered by a battery that has constant health monitoring displayed on the dashboard.

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  • Early warning of low pressure in INERGEN, INERGEN iFLOW, SAPPHIRE, SAPPHIRE PLUS, and FM-200 agent containers
  • Container data viewable by service contractor and end-user anywhere with access to internet or cellular network 
  • Digital read-out on containers for actual and compensated pressure
  • Configurable micro leak detection analysis and notification 
  • Communication protocol to the cloud via cellular network or local network 
  • Up to two-year battery life operation with intelligent low battery operation to help prevent connection interruption 
  • Dashboard provides storage for system design documentation along with system installation photos
  • Encrypted data communication in accordance with global security standards

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