PIRANHA Dual Agent Restaurant Fire Suppression System - Increased Nozzle Heights

​High proximity nozzles now offered with PIRANHA systems help to meet the need for more aesthetically pleasing cooking and dining environments. The new UL listed nozzle design allows appliance protection nozzles to be installed up to 84 in. (2133 mm) above the cooking hazard, nearly flush with the top of the hood, and out of view while providing the same reliable protection that PIRANHA systems have always offered.

Added benefits of high proximity nozzles include:

  • UL listed for multiple appliances
  • Complements kitchen décor
  • Reduces potential for nozzle redirection or obstruction
  • Reduces potential for grease accumulation around the nozzle
  • Eliminates visible nozzle drop piping
  • Helps simplify cleaning and service
  • Easy to upgrade existing systems
Common applications for PIRANHA systems include airports, casual and fine dining restaurants, catering facilities, culinary schools, expo kitchens, four- and five-star lodging facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, sports complexes and stadiums.​​

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​Additional system features include:

  • UL, ULC, ASSE, LPCB, IAMPO and CE approved or listed
  • Agent-plus-water hybrid technology
  • Rapid flame knockdown and securement
  • Helps prevent reflash
  • Cools cooking oils up to 15 times faster
  • Uses 60 percent less agent
  • Requires smaller and fewer agent storage tanks per system
  • Overlapping appliance protection
  • Can be configured to expand fire suppression coverage
  • High, medium and low proximity nozzle coverage
  • Aesthetic design complements kitchen decor
  • Color-coded, fusible-link detectors
  • Reliable cartridge operation
PRX Liquid Fire Suppressant benefits:
  • Quick knock down and securement of grease-related fires
  • Provides a cooling effect that further enhances ability to prevent reflash
  • Ease of recharge and post-fire cleanup
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-toxic​​​​​​​

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