SENTRY Water Extinguishers

SENTRY Water Extinguishers are designed to extinguish Class A hazards only.   Class A hazards such as wood, cloth, trash, and other materials that leave an ash are often found in office environments and industrial locations, as well as warehouse and oxidizing chemical storage areas.

In section 5.5.7, NFPA-10 mandates the use of water-type extinguishers only in areas containing oxidizers, such as pool chemicals.

With an ample 2.5 gal (9.5 L) capacity, these extinguishers are made to the same standards as the rest of the SENTRY line. Butt-welded stainless steel shell construction assures long service life, while stainless steel, brass, and aluminum alloy components help eliminate corrosion.



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SENTRY Water Fire Extinguishers Product Overview (Rev. 03, A4 Format) Brochure/Flyer English F-2013165_A4.pdf View
SENTRY Surface Mount Fire Extinguisher Cabinets Data Sheet Data/Specification Sheet English F-2018268.pdf View
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Additional product features:

  • Meets or exceeds UL requirements
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Squeeze grip, positive on-off operation
  • Brass chrome-plated valve
  • Waterproof stainless steel gauge
  • Stainless steel shell
  • Schrader valve allows for easy recharge in the field
  • Easy service construction
  • UL rating 2-A for occupancy

SENTRY extinguishers are made to rigorous standards of quality and craftsmanship. They come with a six-year limited warranty from date of delivery and are sold and serviced through an international network of independent distributors in every state and most foreign countries.


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