Fast, Effective Fire Suppression

JET-X High-expansion concentrates produce flexible firefighting foams with expansion ratios up to 1000:1 for suppression of Class A and Class B fires in large-volume spaces. High-expansion foams are also effective in protecting outdoor LNG storage areas.

San Francisco International Airport extends life of largest hangar with fire suppression system upgrade.

At 276,000 ft², the SFO SuperBay hangar is an immense building that can house four 747 aircraft at one time. The foam system solution from Johnson Controls engineered to protect this immense space incorporated non-fluorinated JET-X 2% High-Expansion foam concentrate, JET-X Model 27 High-Expansion generators, and ANSUL 400-gallon pre-piped horizontal bladder tanks fitted with in-line proportioners.
Exterior of Ansul's Fire Technology Center building

Backed by research and testing, the ANSUL Fire Technology Center of Excellence houses one of the most extensive fire research and testing facilities in the world.

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