How to strengthen kitchen fire safety and why the industry loves ANSUL R-102 

When it comes to commercial kitchen fire suppression, there’s one system restaurant owners ask for by name: ANSUL R-102.

With an exemplary reputation in the hospitality industry (UL 300; NFPA 17A), the R-102 system is recognized and accepted by many authorities having jurisdiction, such as fire departments and insurance agencies.* It’s all thanks to three key benefits:

1. Automatic Detection & Activation

Detection mechanisms are strategically placed above cooking equipment so when a fire occurs, the system activates the fire suppression system automatically, quickly, and effectively. More specifically, the ANSUL kitchen fire suppression system has temperature-rated alloy-type fusible links, which separate when the temperature exceeds the rating of the link, allowing the regulated release to actuate. For an added layer of protection, R-102 also comes with remote manual actuation.

2. Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Agent

The R-102 system’s specially formulated wet chemical agent is extremely effective against grease and oil fires, helping to rapidly extinguish flames and cooling the cooking combustible to prevent re-ignition. As the agent is sprayed in fine, atomized droplets onto an appliance grease fire, it provides excellent flame knock-down, surface-cooling, and fire-securing capabilities. When the agent reacts with the hot grease, it forms a foam-like layer on the surface of the fat, helping to prevent flammable vapors from escaping. The agent is also premixed, eliminating the need for dilution before system charging, avoiding errors which could compromise performance. When used as an extinguishing agent, it will produce no toxic by-products, and post-fire cleanup is easy by simply flushing the area with water or steam.

3. Works with Other Systems

From restaurants to hospitals, hotels, schools, and more, the R-102 system seamlessly integrates with other common fire protection measures like fire alarms and automatic gas shut-off valves as part of a total fire mitigation solution. Nozzles with blow-off caps, detectors, cartridges, agent, and pulley elbows are offered in separate packages for a variety of fire suppression system arrangements. You can also order additional tanks and corresponding equipment in several arrangements for larger hazard coverage.

For the safety of restaurants, staff, patrons, and your business, trust the system that owners ask for by name: ANSUL R-102 kitchen fire suppression system. To learn more about R-102 or request a free quote, contact our team today. 

*For compliance requirements in your area, always consult your local AHJ.